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About The Programme

SlimUp Tea Product Philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer ethically sourced high quality Teas that will help health conscious consumers combine their fitness goals, wellness and healthy eating with an overall sense of well being and body confidence. So guess what? we decided to start with Teas…..

Our SlimTox teas contain yerba mate used for centuries by the indigenous people of South America where it is renowned for its metabolic booster properties, Garcinia Cambogia scientifically shown to boost energy and accelerate weight loss, suppress appetite and aid in fat burning.

Our Everyday teas are natural, unique and original, our Acai Brain Boost Tea contains the famous Acai berry known for its anti-oxidative properties, metabolism lifting and brain cell support. The enzymes Papain and chymopapain found in our Paw-Paw Carb attack tea are known for their ability to help reduce the complex bonds in protein and carbohydrates thus, making them efficient digestion aids. Additionally, our SkinTox tea not only cleanses from within but can also be used as a steam detox giving you that refreshed glow.