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As we know managing your stress levels and being aware of all your daily activities are essential for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Recent studies suggest being relaxed and mindful are pivotal for being happy and maintaining mental health.

What we call mental wellbeing or health does not have a global definition but it in general covers feeling good about ourselves, achieving our goals, having control over our lives, having a sense of feeling fulfilled and providing purpose. Below we discuss how we can achieve this.

5 Tips To Help You Relax, Embrace Wellness and Boost Wellbeing

5 Tips To Help You Relax, Embrace Wellness and Boost Wellbeing

  1. Being Mindful
    This involves paying attention to the current moment you are in, being aware of your present state utilising tips like conscious breathing, yoga and breathing. This helps us become more connected to our thought process and feelings as opposed to being overwhelmed by them. That way we are able to manage our them and avoid mental overload than can lead to sadness and depression[1]
  1. Create and List your goals
    Research has shown[2]  that writing down your goals as a simple list for the ensuing period whether it be a week, year, month or quarter helps us to be focused upon their achievement. Simply ticking off your goals as they have been completed helps to offer a sense of feeling achieved.
  1. Spend Time in Nature
    Spending time in nature[3] has been demonstrated to improve a sense of wellbeing and purpose. Spending a 10-20 minutes of spare time in naturally green, vegetation rich environments and around still water bodies is known to improve vitality, encourage mental resilience and enthusiasm for life as a whole.
  1. Exercise
    Exercise and being active on a frequent basis is not only good for your physical health but evidence has shown over the years that it can also contributes significantly to your mental wellbeing [4].  Research has shown that exercise can help people with mild depression and scientists also believe that engaging in exercise can lead to a sense of improved wellbeing, self-esteem and self-control and resilience.
  1. Recognise Your Achievements
    Recognising your achievements, can increase positive feelings of self-respect, happiness and, self-esteem and confidence. Dwelling on how far you have come as opposed to what you have not achieved means that we self-reward and can feel validated.

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